Fire Raheem Morris

41 points to the lowly Jags. 11 penalties. 7 turnovers. This is the most undisciplined team I’ve ever seen in Tampa, save the 76 and 77 Bucs. You know. The one that lost their first 26 games. This guy is a joke as a coach. Raheem has had his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately for Bucs fans, it has lasted 3 years. He doesn’t have any control over his players. He’s too much the buddy, and too little the coach. We need to clean the slate and start fresh as far as the coaching staff is concerned. Bring in somebody that can evaluate talent and a head coach that can get unruly, undisciplined players under control, or send them out the door. I am a season ticket holder and I am cancelling my tickets for next year. If the Bucs fire Morris and that shabby excuse of a coaching staff, I will re-up my tickets.


About fireraheemmorris

Season ticket holder for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nauseated at the undisciplined, uninspired, weakminded play that I see week in and week out of my hometown team. The coaching staff has to go.
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